Wahoo Saku 3-4oz

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About This Cut - Wahoo is a pelagic sport fish only found off the coast of Massachusetts during Summer. It's off white flesh is firm, mild and a little buttery when eaten raw.  

Yield - 1 portion is 3-4 oz. Each pack yields enough slices to make up to 16 pieces of maki (two uncut maki rolls).

Make Restaurant Quality Sushi at Home- Watch Red's Best sushi demo or view Red's Best sushi guide.

Easy Sushi Recipe - This super frozen, hand-cut saku block has been designed to make restaurant quality sushi, sashimi, ceviche, poke and crudo at home. For a simple option, slice to desired sashimi thickness with a sharp knife, and serve with soy sauce. 

Did You Know - Wahoo is U.S. wild-caught in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Because they are highly productive, and have a stable population Wahoo is considered a Smart Seafood Choice by NOAA's Fishwatch.  

Peak Freshness - Retain under refrigeration and consume raw within 2 days. This elite restaurant quality may also be preserved in a freezer for up to 7 days.

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