Red Crab Meat 4Oz
Red Crab Meat 4Oz
Red Crab Meat 4Oz

Red Crab Meat 4oz

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About This Product - This all natural, wild Red crab is harvested in deep waters off the coast of New England. The meat has a delicate texture and sweet flavor. Only the finest sushi restaurants make California Rolls with this delicious meat, not imitation crabmeat.

Yield - 1 portion is 3-4 oz. Each pack yields enough slices to make up to 16 pieces of maki (two uncut maki rolls).

Make Restaurant Quality Sushi at Home Watch Red's Best sushi demo or view Red's Best sushi guide.

Easy Sushi Recipe - Easy Sushi Recipes - Elevate your sushi game and substitute this wild, real crabmeat for recipes calling for imitation or canned crabmeat. For more inspiration, try California Roll カリフォルニアロール or Crunchy California Roll Sushi Bowl.

Health Benefits - Crab is a low calorie source of protein with a multitude of minerals and several B vitamins.

Did You Know - The Atlantic deep sea red crab is harvested along the continental shelf edge and slope of the western Atlantic, primarily at depths of 400-1800 meters.

Peak Freshness - Retain under refrigeration and consume raw within 2 days. This elite restaurant quality may also be preserved in a freezer for up to 7 days.

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