Frozen Sushi Blocks

Pickup at the Boston Fish Pier or home delivery within 13 miles.

Pier Pick Up & Local Delivery Days
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

Want to Pick Up?
Pick up is from 12-2 pm at 37 Boston Fish Pier Boston, MA 02210 (end of pier on the right side).  
  • Park outside the Red's Best location.
  • Call 617-645-7408 upon arrival.  
Want Your Order Delivered?
Delivery to your address is 12-2 pm. You may specify a preferred time in the order notes section. Available within a 13 MILES of the Boston Fish Pier.

Red's Best Sushi Collection features only the highest quality, local, premium fish and shellfish hand selected for in house butchery. Meticulously cleaned, and hand cut into the perfect portion and shape. Using advanced freezer technology, all fish and shellfish are super-frozen to temperatures below -120°F for a minimum of 24 hours. This process is necessary to reduce the risk of consuming raw, wild seafood. Our commercial super freezer accelerates the freezing process, and preserves the texture of the proteins by reducing expansion of water molecules within the flesh. The highest quality sushi grade local seafood is now available direct to your door!

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