Frozen- Atlantic Halibut Cheeks 1lb

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Like all fish cheeks, this is a tender cut of meat from the head. With a sweet, crab-like, luxurious flavour, the texture of halibut cheeks resembles that of a scallop.

Easy Seafood Recipes - Apply any cooking method you would use for scallops such as pan roasting, grilling and frying. For more inspiration, try Halibut Cheeks with Saffron Tomato Sauce or Halibut Cheeks with Ginger-Orange Sauce.

Health Benefits - Atlantic Halibut is low in saturated fat and sodium. Halibut is a high-quality source of protein and selenium, a powerful antioxidant that helps your body repair damaged cells and aids in decreasing inflammation. Halibut’s power-packed nutrients, including omega-3 fatty acids, niacin and magnesium, also help fight heart disease. Also excellent for low carb paleo and keto diets.

Did You Know - U.S. wild caught from Maine to Connecticut, Atlantic Halibut is the largest species of flatfish in the world and one of the largest fish in the Gulf of Maine. Making use of the whole fish adds value back to the fleet. Halibut was named MSC certified as sustainable in 2013.  

This product is a 1lb vacuum sealed pack. Frozen Shelf Life: 9 months. Refrigerated Shelf Life: 4 days.


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