Frozen- Cape Cod Sea Scallops 1Lb Pickup
Frozen- Cape Cod Sea Scallops 1Lb
Frozen- Cape Cod Sea Scallops 1Lb
Frozen- Cape Cod Sea Scallops 1Lb
Frozen- Cape Cod Sea Scallops 1Lb

Frozen- Cape Cod Sea Scallops 1lb

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Buttery and firm with a rich and sweet ocean flavor, nothing compares to dry sea scallops. Landed year-round and versatile, sea scallops are a staple in New England cuisine. 1 portion is 16 oz (1lb). 

Easy Seafood Recipes - Salt and pepper. Sear scallops in butter for 2 minutes on each side until medium rare. Serve atop linguine and seasonal veggies. For more inspiration try, Scallops with Tarragon Butter Sauce or Seared Scallops With Jammy Cherry Tomatoes.

Health Benefits - Scallops are a good low-fat source of protein and are high in selenium and B vitamins. Sea scallops are excellent for low carb paleo and keto diets.

Did You Know - U.S. wild-caught from Maine to North Carolina, the majority of the U.S. harvest comes from Massachusetts, Virginia, and New Jersey.

Peak Freshness - High tech flash frozen and vacuum sealed at peak freshness from the ocean. Items delivered moderately thawed on dry ice may be put directly into your freezer to keep at restaurant quality for up to nine months, or thaw under refrigeration prior to cooking. Product has four day refrigerated shelf life. 

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FOR DELIVERIES - Please include any special delivery notes when checking out. 

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