Frozen- Cusk 1lb

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This cod-like fish has a sweet, mild flavor with a firm texture that is excellent for chowders, broiling, roasting and frying.1 portion is approx. 16 oz (1 lb)

Easy Seafood Recipes - Broil cusk on foil, coat both sides with oil. Flip mid way through cooking time. Finished cusk should flake easily on both sides. For more inspiration, try Blushing New England Sustainable Fish Chowder or Spanish-Style Cusk.

Health Benefits - Cusk, like cod, is low in saturdated fat and sodium. It is a good source of protein and selenium.


Did You Know - Wild-caught from Canada to Cape Cod, this species is primarily available in winter and spring months. Cusk is found in deeper colder waters than other flaky white fish.


The product is a 1lb vacuum sealed pack. Frozen Shelf Life: 9 months. Refrigerated Shelf Life: 4 days.

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