Frozen- Striped Bass Collars 1lb

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If you like chicken wings, you will love fish collars. A tender, fatty meat tucked between the gills and body, collars are often discarded yet are preferred parts eaten by fishermen. The fish collar is a fatty, rich, flavorful cut excellent grilled, fried or broiled. Best eaten with chopsticks, or better yet, your hands! This item is 10 each 1 lb. packs. Each pack comes with 1 collar.

Easy Seafood Recipes - The bone-in style cooking of the collars just adds more incredible flavor. For inspiration, try Grilled Striped Bass Collars or Broiled Collars with Daikon.

Health Benefits - Striped bass is a good source of low-fat protein and selenium.

Did You Know - U.S. wild-caught from Maine to North Carolina, Atlantic Striped Bass is available year round. A beautiful multi-color fish with seven to eight continuous horizontal stripes on each side, from their gills to their tail.

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