Frozen- Golden Tilefish 1Lb
Frozen- Golden Tilefish 1Lb

Frozen- Golden Tilefish 1lb

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Firm and flaky like cod, golden tilefish are known for having a mild lobster flavor. 1 portion is 16 oz (1 lb.)

Easy Seafood Recipes - Tilefish is a great option for any recipe calling for a flaky white fish. For more inspiration, try Pan-Roasted Tilefish with Prosciutto, Lemon, White Wine and Capers or Buttery Tilefish.

Health Benefits - Tilefish is low in sodium and a good source of niacin, phosphorus, protein, vitamin B12 and selenium.

Did You Know - Wild-caught from Massachusetts to Texas, golden tilefish are available year-round. These colorful, iridescent fish have numerous spots of bright yellow and gold.

This product is a 1lb vacuum sealed pack. Frozen Shelf Life: 9 months. Refrigerated Shelf Life: 4 days.

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