Frozen- Weakfish 1Lb White Fish
Frozen- Weakfish 1Lb White Fish
Frozen- Weakfish 1Lb White Fish

Frozen- Weakfish 1lb

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Weakfish are similar to Sea Trout in flavor. They have a delicate, smaller flake, and a rich flavor.  Weakfish are typically not targeted commercially in New England, and we usually see them as by-catch.  These are a very special treat that you must try when available!

Easy Seafood Recipe - Excellent broiled, fried, grilled or roasted, substitute with recipes calling for striped bass or trout. Its delicate fork tender flake makes it challenging for pan searing. For more inspiration try, Baked Weakfish with Cherry Tomatoes or Weakfish on the Grill.

Health Benefits - Weakfish is low in saturated fat and sodium and an excellent source of protein ideal for low carb paleo and keto diets.

Did You Know - U.S. wild-caught from Cape Cod to the Gulf, weakfish are relatively unpredictable, strong and fast swimmers making them appealing to anglers who like a good challenge. The name weakfish is said to be derived from the ease with which fishermen's hooks tear out of their mouths.

Frozen Shelf Life: 9 months. Refrigerated Shelf Life: 4 days.

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