Salmon Ikura/caviar - 2Oz
Salmon Ikura/caviar - 2Oz
Salmon Ikura/caviar - 2Oz
Salmon Ikura/caviar - 2Oz

Salmon Ikura/Caviar - 2oz

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Salmon Caviar Ikura - 2oz Jar (FROZEN)

Salmon caviar (also known as red caviar) has notably large red pearls that are pleasantly firm on the palette. The classic taste of this caviar exhibits both a strong flavor of salmon offset by a natural, almost honey sweetness on the palette. A wonderful and affordable alternative to the more traditional sturgeon caviars, this roe is perfect for using as a garnish on uni, nigiri, and poke bowls. 

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Caviar will remain optimal in your refrigerator, unopened, for 4-6 weeks. Once opened you must consume within three days. 

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