Salmon Poke/maki Cubes 5Oz
Salmon Poke/maki Cubes 5Oz

Salmon Poke/Maki Cubes 1lb

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About This Cut - Salmon is a sushi favorite around the world, prized for its mild flavor, tender texture and pleasant fattiness that’s packed with omega-3 acids without being too rich or oily. 

Yield - 1 portion is 5 oz. Each poke portion is enough to make up to 2 poke bowls or 24 pieces of maki (three uncut maki rolls).

Make Restaurant Quality Sushi at Home- Watch Red's Best sushi demo or view Red's Best sushi guide.

Easy Sushi Recipe - We did the knife work for you! Perfect for poke, chirashi, sushi rolls, crudo and ceviche. For inspiration, try Salmon Avocado Poke Bowl or Salmon Ceviche with Mango.

Health Benefits - Salmon remains a fan favorite for its versatility and health benefits. Raw Salmon is tender, rich flavored and has remarkably high levels of omega-3 acids, protein and vitamin D content.

Did You Know - Our Gulf of Maine Atlantic Salmon saku are cut from the highest quality fish. Harvested in the Bay of Fundy, Red's Best salmon swim in an ocean-based aquaculture habitat and are regionally sourced.

Peak Freshness - Retain under refrigeration and consume raw within 2 days. This elite restaurant quality may also be preserved in a freezer for up to 7 days.

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